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ALA Documents & Archives

The ALA is committed to making a record of its work and history publicly available and readily accessible to its membership and the interested public. We will be adding materials to the webpages over the coming months and years..

Executive Letters

noteIn 2012, Anthonia Kalu and the ALA wrote Sweden's Minister of Culture, Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth, this letter objecting to the lack of historical perspective and sensitivity to women shown in relation to Makode Linde's controversial art installation. The Deputy State Secretary replied.

noteIn 2011, Lokangaka Losambe and the ALA, wrote Barack Obama this letter, urging his administration to work with African leaders in addressing human rights violations. This is Obama's reply.

Governance Archives

note ALA Executive Handbook (pdf - revised 2007)

Minutes from Executive Council (EC) and Annual Business Meetings (ABM)
All files are in pdf format.

note EC - Geneva (Fall 2009)
note EC - Burlington (Spring 2009)
note ABM - Burlington (Spring 2009)
note EC - Chicago (Fall 2008)
note EC - Macomb (Spring 2008)
note ABM - Macomb (Spring 2008)
note EC - New York (Fall 2007)
note EC - Morgantown (Spring 2007)
note ABM - Morgantown (Spring 2007)
note EC - San Francisco (Fall 2006)
note EC - Accra (Spring 2006)
note ABM - Accra (Spring 2006)
note EC - Boulder (Spring 2005)
note EC - New Orleans (Fall 2004)
note EC & ABM - Madison (Spring 2004)
note EC - Boston (Fall 2003)
note EC & ABM - Alexandria (Spring 2003)
note EC - La Jolla (Spring 2002)
note ABM - La Jolla (Spring 2002)
note EC & ABM - Richmond (Spring 2001)
note EC & ABM - Lawrence (Spring 2000)
note EC - Philadelphia (Fall 1999)
note EC - East Lansing (Spring 1997)
note ABM - East Lansing (Spring 1997)
note EC & ABM - Stony Brook (Spring 1996)
note EC - Columbus (Spring 1995)
note EC - Toronto (Fall 1994)
note EC - Guadeloupe (Spring 1993)
note ABM - Guadeloupe (Spring 1993)
note EC - Seattle (Fall 1992)
note ABM - Ontario (Spring 1992)
note EC - Baltimore (Fall 1990)
note EC & ABM - Dakar (Spring 1989)

Please note that EC meetings are held in the Spring at the annual ALA conference and in the Fall, in conjunction with the African Studies Association's conference. The ABM is held every Spring at the ALA conference.


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