Film and Visual Media Caucus

The Film, Visual, and Media Caucus of the African Literature Association exists as an affiliated but separately administered organization of scholars whose expertise and interest relates to the field of film, visual, and media studies, and who are also members of the ALA.

The objectives of this organization are:

  • To establish a network of scholars, teachers, filmmakers, artists doing work in the field of artistic, cultural, and scholarly production in African and African Diaspora cinemas, visual, and media studies.
  • To promote scholarship on African and African Diaspora cinemas and media, their visual, artistic, and cultural production, distribution and exhibition.
  • To ensure the continued examination of issues related to the development of African and African Diaspora filmmaking, visual, and media production.
  • To explore avenues of development in the scholarship and teaching of African and African Diaspora visual and cultural productions.
  • To provide support resources for African filmmakers to present and discuss their work at the Conference.
  • To organize a film program to be presented during the ALA Conference.
  • To offer a collegial network for the advancement of visual arts in the African Literature Association and other related associations, media, universities, and publishers.

FVMCALA Leadership

Chair: Tama Hamilton-Wray | Email:
Vice-Chair: Cara Moyer-Duncan | Email:

FVMCALA Constitution