Book of the Year Award – Scholarship

For an outstanding book in African literary studies published in the preceding calendar year. The award comes with a $250.00 cash prize.

2021 Winner: Carli Coetzee
Written under the Skin: Blood and Intergenerational Memory in South Africa
James Currey, 2019.

2020 Winner: Madhu Krishnan
Writing Spatiality in West Africa:  Colonial Legacies in the Anglophone/Francophone Novel
James Currey, 2018.

2019 Winner: Adélékè Adéèkó
Arts of Being Yoruba: Divination, Allegory, Tragedy, Proverb, Panegyric
Indiana University Press, 2017.

2016 Winner: Brinda J. Mehta
Dissident Writings of Arab Women: Voices Against Violence
New York: Routledge, 2014.

Honorable Mention: Simone A. Alexander for African Diasporic Women's Narratives: Politics of Resistance, Survival and Citizenship

See this year's Call for Nominations in Announcements for the dates and details on the next competition.