JALA: Volume 5, No. 1

Summer/Fall 2010
Abioseh Porter

Table of Contents

Teaching African Literature in Challenging Times
Janice Spleth

I Look Ahead and I Am Glad: To Bernard Fonlon and Lee Nichols!
Odia Ofiemun

At the Source of the Tree, The Sculpted Alternative: A Reflection on Art and Environmental Sustainability
Jean-Gilles Quenum

Polluting the World and the Silence of African Writers
Tanella Boni

The (Un)broken Cycle in Death and the King’s Horseman
Cheryl Sterling

Popular Cultures of East Africa and Mexico in Conversation with Death
Aaron Rosenberg

‘Haiti, I Can See Your Halo!' Migration, Landscape and Nation in Danticat’s Diaspora
Carole Boyce Davies

Thématisation des causes des crises socio-politiques en Afrique post-coloniale dans la fiction d’écrivaines ivoiriennes
Viviane Bekrou

The Women of Brewster Place: A Saga of Female Bonding
A. Kumar and Smita Jha

Tsotsi: From Fugard to Film
Daniel Gover

Literacy and Social Status in Arrow of God and Isara
Chima Osakwe

Tech Transfer, Modernization, and Independence in Bhêly-Quénum and Loba
Roxanna N Curto

Post-ALA Accra: Continuing the Debate on Language and its Role in African Literatures 
Alexander Kakraba and Theophilus Nartey

Guelwaar, A View on Western Food Aid in Africa
Samuel Zadi

Interview: Peter Thompson and Wangui wa Goro on Translation 

The Larson Collection at the Harry Ransom Center
Bernth Lindfors

ALA 2010 Photo Album
Abioseh Porter

ALA Executive Council