JALA: Volume 6, No. 1

Summer/Fall 2011
Abioseh Porter, Editor

Table of Contents

38th Annual Meeting of the African Literature Association–Dallas, Texas

African Literature and its Future in the US Academy
Lokangaka Lasombe

The Agony and the Ecstasy of Genius: A Rediscovery of the Work and Achievement of Gladys Casely-Hayford
Eustace Palmer

Locating Home in the Post-Colonial Moment
Hilary Kowino

Turmoil and Reconciliation in Two Novels of Zakes Mda
Daniel Gover

Remembering the Cultivation of the Mauritian Hindi Literary Sphere
Rashdi Rohatgi

La France inventée en Afrique: un discours sur l'imaginaire

Mich Yonah Nyawalo

Power, Patriarchy, and Postcolonial Nationalism in the African Dictator Novel
Michael K. Walonen

Selected Poems
Tanure Ojaide

ALA Photo Album

Metafiction in Mpe's Welcome to our Hillbrow
Elise Auvil

Freud's "Penis Envy," Lacan's the "Desire to be the Other" Nigerian Feminist Aesthetics:
Adimora–Ezeigbo's Children of the Eagle and Kaine Agary's Yellow-Yellow
Solomon O. Azumurana


Transcultural Modernities: Narrating Africa in Europe
Seth Graebner

Harold Scheub's The Uncoiling Python: South African Story Tellers and Resistance
Peter Vakunta