JALA: Volume 6, No. 2

Winter/Spring 2012
Abioseh Porter, Editor

Table of Contents

Traditions, Trajectories and Transformative Migrations:
The Multifarious Diasporic Contextualities of Nair, Nazareth and Vassanji's Fictions

Aaron L. Rosenberg

Suspending Disbelief and Rational Choice in Asungushe Kayombo's The Best is Yet to Come
Sonja Darlington

From Cultural Hybridization to Ecological Degradation:The Forest in Chinua Achebe's Things Falls Apart and Ben Okri's The Famished Road
Coral Wu

African Literary Aesthetics: Continuity and Change
Tanure Ojaide

The Nobel Laureates in Literature of the African Diaspora
Leah Creque

Utopianism and the Quest Motif in Ben Okri
Abiodun Adeniji

African American Women's Nineteenth Century Public (Vocal) and Private (Text) Voice
Patrina Jones

Shadows of Development In the New Poetry of the Niger Delta
Kontein Trinya

Fela's Rebel Afrobeat: A Pedagogical Perspective
Peter Wuteh Vakunta

Feminist Perspectives And Intra-gender Conflict In Tess Onwueme's Tell It To Women
Enajite Ojaruega

In Conversation with Haile Gerima
Debra Boyd

TELLING STORIES: Akínwùmí Ìsòlá in Translation "School Resumes" Being an English Translation of Ogún Omodé From the Yorùbá
Pamela J Olununmi Smith

The Road Trip of 1975: How Far We Have Come, How Close to Austin We Remain
Eileen Julien

This I Remember
Don Burness


Mahmud Kati, Ta'rikh al-fattash: The Timbuktu Chronicles
Nubia Kai