JALA: Volume 8, No. 1

Fall 2013/Spring 2014
Abioseh Porter, Editor

Table of Contents

Christ Symbolism in Zakes Mda’s Ways of Dying
C. Kenneth Pellow

From Victims to Agents: Rethinking Motherhood and Feminism
Hilary Chala Kowino

When Cairo Exploded in the Past: The Historical Fiction of Naguib Mafouz
Daniel Gover

Mali Hushinda Radhi: Challenging Fraud through Kenyan Rhetorical Art
Aaron Rosenberg

“Fiat Justitia, Ruat Caelum”: Justice Juxtaposed to Questions of Maturity, Community, Gender, and Moral Action in the Novels by Unity Dow
Sonja Darlington

Reconstructing History to Serve Contemporary Exigencies: Colonial Discourse in Two Adolescent Novels
Vivian Yenika-Agbaw


Literature, Biafra, and the Future of Achebe’s Nigeria: The Late Chinua Achebe in one of his Final Interviews
Gemma Louise Sutherland and Tom Knowles

Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o, In the Name of the Mother: Reflections on Writers & Empire
Hella Bloom Cohen

How to Read a Folktale: The Ibonia Epic from Madagascar
Robert Cancel

Dance of Life: The Novels of Zakes Mda in Post-apartheid South Africa. Gail Fincham
Marie Kruger

Reading Contemporary African Literature: Critical Perspectives
Eve Eisenberg

Reading Marechera, ed. Grant Hamilton
Sonja Darlington

Palumbo-Liu, David. The Deliverance of Others: Reading Literature in a Global Age
Jennifer Yusin

The Ethics of Dissident Desire in Southern African Writing,  Dobrota Pucherová
Denise Handlarski

Elsa Joy White. Modernity, Freedom, and the African Diaspora: Dublin, New  Orleans, Paris
André Carrington

African Lives: An Anthology of Memoirs and Autobiographies, Geoff Wisner, ed.
Deborah L Klein

The Dennis Brutus Tapes: Essays at Autobiography, ed. Bernth Lindfors
Catherine Kroll

Out in Africa: Same-Sex Desire in Sub-Saharan Literatures & Cultures by Chantal Zabus
Juliana Makuchi Nfah-Abbenyi

Breaking the Silence: South African Representations of HIV/AIDS. Ellen Grünkemeier
Jason D. Price

D. O. Fagunwa’s Forest of a Thousand Daemons: A Hunter’s Saga. Being a Translation of Ogboju Ode Ninu Igbo Irunmale. Trans. by Wole Soyinka.
Pamela J. Olubunmi Smith

K. Sello Duiker’s Thirteen Cents
Joya Uraizee

Camfranglais, a Glossary of Common Words, Phrases and Usages by Jean-Paul Kouega
Peter Vakunta

Real Folks: Race and Genre in the Great Depression. Sonnet H. Retmen
Vincent Williams