JALA: Volume 9, No. 2

Summer/Fall 2015
Abioseh Porter, Editor

Table of Contents


Maryse Condé Taste for History, Tales in Triptych
Felisa V. Reynolds

Prophecy, Power and AIDS in Wim Boswinkel’s Erina
Chisomo Kalinga

Mythe de la Terre Promise: déplacement et décentrement dans l’imaginaire de l’Atantique noir
Aurélia Mouzet

Lawless/news from Home: Womanist Perspectives in Select Short Stories of Sefi Atta
D. Jyothirmai and K. Sree Ramesh

The Way/s of ‘Poetry’: The Contracting and Expanding Self in the Writing of Mia Couto
Irene Marques

Postcoloniality, Idiomatic Allusion and Intercultural Comminacation in the Traslation of Things Fall Apart and Arrow of God into German
Joseph N. Eke

Writing Against Power: Textual/Sexual Acts in André Brink’s Other Lives
Hager Ben Driss

Repealing Traditional Patriarchy in Two Male-Authored Narratives
Eunice E. Omonzejie

Embedding Postcoloniality in Post-apartheid Literature
Huma Ibrahim

The Ambiguous Status of Commonwealth Literature: A Critical Consideration
Denis Fonge Tembong

It’s Safe to Kill Negroes: Racial Profiling in Selected Works of African-American Literature and Film
Debra S. Boyd


Michael DeRell Hill’s The Ethics of Swagger: Prizewinning African American Novels, 1977-1993 (Columbus, The Ohio State University, 2013).
P. Jane Splawn

Conjugal Rights: Marriage, Sexuality, and Urban Life in Colonial Libreville, Gabon (Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press, 2014).
Brittany Christy

A Fine Mind

Ben Obumselu: the Intellectual Muse
Isidore Diala


A Sacrifice of Incense: An Interview with Isidore Diala
Henry Akubuiro

Interview with Poet Professor Chimalum Nwankwo
Safoura Boukari

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