The 44th Annual Meeting of the African Literature Association

May 23-26, 2018: Marriott Wardman Park, Washington, D.C.

In calling attention to the Environments of African Literature, the 2018 conference invites participants to address the multiple environments – physical, institutional, ideological, symbolic, discursive, cultural, and technological (among others) – that affect the production, dissemination and reception of African literature. We also invite papers which address the ways in which African literary texts reflect on such environments and the challenges and promises they present. In keeping with the long tradition at the ALA, our understanding of the literary is capacious and papers on music, dance, performance, theater, film, art and other media are equally welcome. Possible topics include:

  • The Economies and Technologies of Literary Production
  • The Academic Environments of African Canon Formation
  • Publishing Environments and the Production of Taste
  • African Literature and Digital Environments
  • Representing Ecologies in African Literature
  • The Debate on Conservation
  • Global and Local Environments
  • The Country and the City in African Literature
  • Urban Environments
  • The environment as crisis/environmental crises
  • African Literature and Eco-Criticism
  • Debating “Nature” and the “Natural”
  • Africa and the Anthropocene
  • Infrastructure and Resource Extraction
  • Literature, Fossil Fuels and Energy
  • Petrofiction/Petropoetry/Petroperformance
  • Gendered and Queered Environments and Futures
  • Animal studies, animist beings and animism
  • Non-Human Agency and the Environment

Proposals for papers, pre-formed panels, roundtables, and multi-panel seminars are due February 16, 2018.

Click here for information about submitting a proposal.