2016 Call for Media Volunteers

Call for Volunteer Media Personnel (Photographers, Videographers)

The African Literature Association (ALA) is inviting applications from members to serve as volunteer media personnel. Volunteers will participate in the conference social media platform, and film and/or photograph general events and proceedings at the ALA's 2016 Annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia. This content will be used for archiving, reporting, promotional purposes, and on the ALA website, Facebook, and may also be sent to media organizations.

The theme for this year’s conference is “Justice and Human Dignity in Africa and the African Diaspora.” The conference will be held on April 6-9, at the Marriot Marquis Atlanta hotel. For additional information about the conference, please visit the ALA’s conference page.

Photographs, videos, and prose will remain the intellectual property of the volunteer, but the ALA reserves the right to use photographs, videos, and writing in the future for publicity and archival purposes. The volunteer will be acknowledged in any not-for-profit use, will be consulted in the unlikely event that the media is used by the ALA in a for-profit project, and will be free to negotiate their own terms of use for use outside the ALA organization.

Compensation: While this is volunteer opportunity, financial compensation will not be offered. However, the ALA will however offer the following benefits:

  1. complimentary night of lodging at the 2016 Annual Meeting hotel, The Marriot Marquis Atlanta.
  2. one ticket to the Annual Meeting banquet.
  3. waiver of registration fee.

Eligibility: Volunteer applicants must be registered participants or presenters. Individuals with demonstrable photography/film experience are especially welcome to apply. Selected volunteers should have suitable photography/video equipment, with the ability to capture footage of large events and gatherings. Video equipment should be able to deliver clear footage and quality sound, with minimal background noise interference.

Duties: Engage with the designated social media platform of the conference. Photograph/video record selected main events and snippets of others. The volunteer will have freedom in deciding where their conference time is spent, but will be required to attend certain major conference events, decided in consultation with an ALA Executive Committee liaison.

To Apply: If you are interested in applying, please send a letter of interest, detailing your photography or videography experience to date, the equipment you have at your disposition, and your availability (i.e. will you be available for the duration of the conference, or only for certain parts of it?). Send as email attachment to the ALA Publicity and Media Relations Committee, c/o Beth Willey (aewilley@louisville.edu).

Applications received by March 28 will be given priority.

Thank you for your interest in the African Literature Association.