2018 Elections

Nominations are hereby invited for the following positions to be filled by the next ALA conference in spring 2018:

(i) Vice President
(ii) Treasurer
(iv) Executive Councilors (2 vacancies)

The instructions for submitting nominations are contained in Appendix I (amended in June 2015) of the ALA Bylaws:

“ALA members are reminded of their constitutional right to nominate from the membership at large. Any two paid-up members of the organization can nominate another paid-up member for election to the EC by sending a jointly signed letter or electronic communication to the Vice President.

The Vice-President will confirm the eligibility of the nominators’ members and the candidates for elections."

Please send your nominations to the ALA Vice President, Cilas Kemedjio (cilas.kemedjio@rochester.edu) by Tuesday, September 5, 2016.