TRACALA Constitution

Section 1

Article I

The name of the organization shall be the Translation Caucus of the African Literature Association. The Caucus exists as an affiliated but separately administered organization of translation scholars, practitioners (including translators, editors, publishers, subtitlers, reviewers) who may or may not be members of the ALA but who are committed to the Aims and Objectives of the ALA.

Section 2


The objectives of this organization shall be:

A) To establish a network of translation, scholars, teachers and practitioners and publishers doing work on African and the African Diaspora and African influenced cultures including other artistic and cultural productions (e.g. dubbing, subtitling of films, reproduction of tapes and videos in other languages, etc.).
B) To ensure the continued examination of the issues related to the interaction of languages, cultures through translation.
C) To promote translation, teaching, scholarship and the practice of translation in relation of African and African Diaspora literatures.
D) To promote a general interest in, and awareness of African and African influenced cultures through translation.
E) To provide support, resources for the development and advancement of translators, translation reviews, translation editors and publishers and translation itself in the field in relation to intercultural translation on an equal basis.
F) To provide support resources for the development and advancement of Translation Scholarship in Africa and African Diaspora studies and other related studies.
G) To share information about, and facilitate the search for academic and other professional employment in translation, including in African and African Diaspora Studies and literature in particular and across the disciplines.
H) To provide consultation to the African Literature Association, other related associations/organizations, media, universities, publishers, and journals on the nature, direction and issues of translation, translation review, translation publishing and editing and its criticisms.
I) To offer a collegial network for the advancement of translators, translation and Translation Studies and publishing in the African Literature Association and in other related Associations and organizations.
J) To form networks with other similar organizations interested in the promotion of translators, literary translation and translation studies.

Section 3


The Translation Caucus of the ALA (TRACALA) shall be governed by its Constitution and by-laws, and such other actions as the TRACALA may consistent therewith.


A) Executive Council
B) President
C) Vice President
D) Secretary
E) Treasurer

Article II

Section I. Members:

Membership of the Caucus is open to translation practitioners, scholar, and publishers and to others involved in and interested in the promotion of translation and translation scholarship including related cultural production, and who subscribe to the goals of the organization and the Caucus.

Section II. Membership:

A. A voting member shall be considered financial with payment of dues annually to the TRACALA Treasurer.
B. One may become a member by attending a Caucus session or by requesting to be on the mailing list.
C. Dues of (to be determined) to be paid annually directly (separately to ALA dues) to the Treasurer of the Caucus

Section III. Possible Activities:

A) Holding Caucus Business Executive meetings at the ALA annual conference annually
B) Sponsoring meetings, panels, roundtables, etc. in conjunction with the annual meetings of the ALA
C) The chair of the Caucus will submit titles of suggested panels and round tables
D) Sponsoring of Panels at the ALA, ASA, and other related and other organizations.
E) Holding annual round-tables such as plenaries at the ALA annual conference and other significant events and meetings
F) A designated representative of TRACALA will represent the Caucus’s issues on key relevant committees including the conference committee and at the ALA executive meetings and other business meetings.

Section IV. Meetings:

A) The TRACALA Annual Business Meetings of will be held at the African Literature Association Conference and at other times as desired by the membership and executive council. Notice of place of meetings shall be given in the program of the conference. The Caucus executive chair will submit a preferred time to convene and will consult with the members concerning possible time slots. Meetings will as far as possible respect linguistic diversity so that this does not hamper engagement with the widest possible linguistic community interested in developing translation of literatures of Africa and African Diaspora. The use of common languages will be supported and encouraged as far as possible.
B) Other meetings of the Caucus will be convened upon request of members

Section V

A) Voting: At every membership meeting, each financial member shall be entitled to cast one ballot, which also may be cast for that member by a proxy or written form.
B) Officers and Committee Members: Officers shall be elected for a one-year term. The Vice-Chair shall succeed to the office of the Chair in the year following his or her term as Vice-Chair. The Chair shall be elected for a two-year term. The Chair will be the organization’s representative on the ALA Executive Council. Apart from the initial year, the Past Chair will be the organization’s representative to the ALA Executive Council. The Vice-Chair is representative for all TRACALA programming and will be Chair of the Program Committee and will be the representative to the ALA Conference Committee. The body of TRACALA will identify committee members.
C) Annual Report: At each Annual Business meeting, officers shall submit a written annual report together with a recommended program of action for the year ahead.


Section I

The Chair shall preside over meetings and facilitate and otherwise manage the affairs of the Caucus. The Chair shall call and co-ordinate meetings and shall work with the Secretary to make announcements public. The Chair will also be the representative of TRACALA to other organizations and the public.

Section II

The Vice-Chair shall perform all duties of the Chair in the event that the Chair is unable to do so.

Section III

The Treasurer shall keep and manage all financial accounting of the Caucus. The Treasurer shall provide financial accounting to the TRACALA annually at The TRACALA Business Meeting.

Section IV

The Secretary shall keep all minutes, correspondence and records of TRACALA. The Secretary shall correspond with members and be responsible for announcing meetings, times, dates and location. The Secretary shall work directly with the Chair and Treasurer concerning membership.



Amendments to this constitution shall require prior notification of the proposed amendment in writing. Amendments will be adopted if approved by two-thirds majority vote of financial members present.