CFP: Dennis Brutus Collection at WSU

Professor of English, Josna Rege, and Ross Griffiths, the librarian-archivist in charge of the Dennis Brutus papers, at Worcester State University, are producing a feature on Dennis Brutus in the Worcester Review. They are seeking contributors who might write a piece about Brutus’s poetry, teaching, activism, or engagement with the African Literature Association. The archive at WSU contains quite a bit of material reflecting many areas of his life, but for this feature the editors would like to invite contributions from ALA members who might have known him personally and/or who have studied/written on/been influenced by his life and work.
Anyone interested in the project may contact Professor Rege by email at Pieces would be due by mid-April, 2020 and could range in length from about 2000 to 3500 words. At the moment, the editors are visualizing a feature that would encompass Brutus’s scholarship, activism, and poetry with the possibility of including poetic responses to his work and perhaps a selection of shorter, more informal remembrances. They are flexible about the approach that any individual contributor might wish to take and would be glad to discuss the details with interested members.
For more information about the Dennis Brutus Collection at WSU, visit the following pages: