Organized by: Pamela J Olubunmi Smith

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SOUNDINGS: AN EVENING OF READINGS IN MOTHER TONGUE AFRICAN LANGUAGES (with English translations). Submitted by Pamela J. Olúbùnmi Smith & Joyce Ashuntantang, Co-Chairs

For the scholar-translators engaged in the translation of African mother tongue literary works, this annual TRACALA-sponsored “Soundings: An evening of Readings in Mother Tongue African Languages” presentation is a delightful, edifying, and affirming evening of PERFORMANCE READINGS, validating the source of the literary works from which we translate. The readings span the entire gamut of traditional African literature: fiction, poetry, songs, dirges, oriki, folk tales, adages, etc.
12 readers will lead the session with selections in their mother tongue, followed with English translations (copies of which, ideally, will be available to the audience). We are looking for participants in North African, Southern African and East African languages. PLEASE RESPOND NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 28, 2018.