Department Chair (Associate/Full Professor) – Ohio State University

Rank: Advanced Associate Professor or Professor

The Ohio State University seeks a chair who will provide ambitious and innovative leadership for its Department of African American and African Studies. Anticipated start date is July 1, 2023. The chair will serve as the administrative head of the department, with oversight of faculty, staff, curriculum, budget, and strategic direction. The new chair will lead the way in defining and implementing a vision for the department that emerges from and centers the intellectual, social justice oriented, and pedagogical foundations of the discipline of Black Studies. The successful candidate will provide transparent leadership for the programs the department offers to undergraduate majors and minors, nonmajors, graduate students, and the community, guided by a spirit of engagement, compassion, and care. To this end, the ideal candidate will exhibit a demonstrated record of collaborative leadership and partnership that can help the department build cohesion, achieve institutional change, and further develop strong and sustainable programs that serve a broad variety of constituents on the campus and in the community.


The new chair will lead the faculty and staff in curriculum development, outreach, engagement, operations, and governance. The chair will be an advocate for the department, its faculty, and students, promoting and providing support and mentorship for scholarly activity and advancing the discipline of Black Studies more broadly. The chair should be poised to engage with students, faculty, staff, and alumni to build collaborations with arts and humanities departments and interdisciplinary initiatives across the College of Arts and Sciences and the broader university community, Ohio State’s five regional campuses, as well as with other organizations in Ohio and beyond. The director will work with university and community leaders to maximize the impact of the soon to be newly renovated Community Extension Center, and to maximize the advantages offered by the new general education program.


The successful candidate will be a dedicated educator and recognized scholar and/or practitioner with expertise in one or more areas of Black Studies. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated a firm commitment to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and have experience with research, educational, and community engagement programs that meet the needs of minoritized or underserved populations.