Media Studies (Assistant Professor) – Ohio State University


The Department of African American and African Studies (AAAS) at The Ohio State University invites applications for a position in Media Studies. We are looking for a scholar at the rank of assistant professor, whose main research focuses on the environments of expressive Black Media. The focus genre, mode, and location of research should be derived from, and/or addressed to, the experiences and practices (historical and/or contemporary) that are identifiable with Black societies in their complex relations with others. An ability to integrate community work with Black communities in central Ohio in teaching and research practices is desirable.


This position is one of a cluster of three Race, Arts, and Creative Expressions tenure track hires in The Ohio State University’s Race, Inclusion and Social Equity (RAISE) initiative. The two other positions are in the departments of Dance and History of Art. The successful candidate will be expected to engage with other faculty in the Global Black Arts cluster.


Through the Race, Inclusion and Social Equity (RAISE) initiative, Ohio State is enhancing our world-class research program on race, inclusion, and social equity. Over the next decade, the university will add at least 50 tenure-track faculty members to existing scholars whose research can help to narrow social disparities in educational attainment, health outcomes, rates of incarceration, political representation, environmental impacts, and economic well-being. Adding scholars in focused areas will enhance the University’s outstanding faculty and inform solutions to intractable issues. RAISE is part of Ohio State’s larger initiative to expand the size and impact of Ohio State’s faculty over the coming decade, while also enhancing academic and personal resources to support Ohio State scholars, educators, and practitioners through all phases of their careers.